Barcelona Photo Experience is a team that offers professional tours and workshops in Barcelona to photography and travel lovers in one of the most popular, artistic and inspiring cities in the world.

With the participation of professional and friendly photographers and instructors, we create high-quality photo walks to those who would like to improve their photography techniques, look for professional inspiration, or just want to be guided through the most photogenic sites.

We are focused on empowering appreciated adventures, helping curious and avid travelers and photographers to discover their best artistic talents, and encouraging everyone to create unforgettable memories of Barcelona’s most colorful attractions through their camera.

Our instructors aim to stimulate travelers to connect more locally and in a friendly way to the place you are interacting with. And these tours and workshops in Barcelona not only develop the art of photography, but they also foster travelers’ knowledge of history, geography, architecture and Catalan traditions, local life and culture.



Founder of Barcelona Photo Experience